Monday, March 10, 2008

Ex-Gay Survivor Jacob Wilson Shares More

Jacob Wilson attended Love in Action the summer of 2005. He recently came public with his story in the Memphis Commercial Appeal and at a press conference during Deconstructing the Ex-Gay Myth—A Weekend of Action & Art. You can see Jacob here with his boyfriend Ryan, who is holding the Christian & Gay sign.

While in Memphis for the weekend, in addition to leading a round table discussion about youth issues at Love in Action, Jacob also agreed to be interviewed by Jim Burroway of Box Turtle Bulletin. In the following video Jacob shares about his ex-gay past and his parents' role in encouraging change. Then he discusses the changes he actually experienced and that feeling of dying inside.

Jacob doesn't need to come forward to tell his story. His generosity helps so many people. His story shows the anguish someone goes through when they feel the conflict over their sexuality as well as the trials they endure when they attend programs like Love in Action. In hearing his story, I can see the value of the Ex-Gay Survivor Conference in Irvine in helping folks like Jacob to begin to unpack and understand their ex-gay experiences.

Thank you Jacob!
(and thanks to Daniel Gonzales for posting the video)

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At 10:09 AM , Blogger Dan said...

They're such a cute couple.

At 9:11 PM , Blogger Jacob said...

Well, Daniel...I don't want to brag...but we are a pretty great couple. I am so fortunate to have someone so great in my life...someone who WILLINGLY came to an Ex-Gay Survivors conference in Memphis with me to learn more about my past in order to understand me better. It's a blessing. Thanks Peterson..and Jim/Daniel at Box Turtle for the opportunity to share my story.

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